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About Us

Wolfgang's Pet Stop improves the life of the family dog by providing exceptional services, quality products and a knowledgeable petcare team.

Recognized as the primary canine resource to the community we serve, we offer professional grooming services, quality pet nutrition and supplies and dog daycare. Wolfgang's Pet Stop was established in Dec 2004.

Wolfgang's Pet Stop was inspired by and founded from the pet-friendly spirit of the Central West End in St. Louis, Missouri. The neighborhood has a growing residential population with a high pet density and demonstrates a need for pet services and products locally.

Because we serve cherished members of our clients’ families, Wolfgang’s Pet Stop has always prioritized the quality of its services and the competency and knowledge of its team. We aim to earn our clients trust by reliably exceeding their expectations and nurturing lasting relationships.

Our greatest asset is our team of pet professionals! Each team member has an uncompromising love for animals, a dedication to the knowledge necessary to build expertise at his/her craft, and a mission to build a relationship with our clients… human and animal alike!

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